15th Regional Conference of the German Branch of INLA

Bonn, 28 and 29 September 2017

Published in May 2019: the proceedings of the Regional Conference 2017 in Bonn. The majority of the contributions is in English.

The following slides presented at the 15th Regional Conference can be downloaded here (please note: the files are password protected):

First working session:
Nuclear Waste Management – Responsibility and Liability

Prof. Markus Ludwigs
Dr. Christian Müller-Dehn
Dr. Anton Burger und Jostein Kristensen

Second working session:
Nuclear Third Party Liability, with a focus on transport of nuclear material

Kaan Kuzeyli
Achim Jansen-Tersteegen
Mehboop Vadiya
Ximena Vasquez-Maignan

Third working session:
Legal issues in radiation protection

Dr. Goli-Schabnam Akbarian
Brigitte Röller
Mark Callis Sanders

Fourth working session:
Current tendencies in international nuclear law

Jay R. Kraemer
Ian Salter

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